Bioshock Infinite Development in Troubled Skies

I’m sure most of you reading this are as elated about Bioshock Infinite as I am. The prospects of a fateful companion with time alteration powers, a civil war with two opposing ideologies, tonics that grant super powers, all taking place in a floating city deserves only one response:

So why is there no product for us to shove money into a game clerks face for? Two words, Failed Multiplayer. Owe yes I’m serious, the reason the game has hit such troubled skies is because they wasted so much time and effort on two multiplayer modes. During this time the rest of the game was suffering development issues and by development issues, I mean everything from story to level design to AI and even the much trumpeted Elizabeth were all struggling in development and failing to come together.

In light of Bioshock 2’s failures stemming from wasting assets and development time on its multiplayer you would think Irrational would have learned a lesson or more accurately Take Two would have learned a lesson about multiplayer being added to Single Player games. Sadly this isn’t the case, even if the modes were successfully developed they both were horrible ideas.

The first of the failed modes had the player being shrunk down and put inside an arcade machine (yes this was in development and not an idea that was bounced around but never considered) to fight off waves of toys. You really can’t make up something so utterly stupid.

The second mode was the same idea that ultimately killed Syndicate, a tacked four player cooperative mode.  The best case scenario for four player coop was the Darkness 2, also published by Take Two, which felt tacked on and the single player campaign suffered for it.

In order to finish development, after several developers jumped ship, Rob Fergusson has left Epic Games and joined Irrational. Great news since Fergusson was instrumental in Gears of War’s development and marketing. Not so great news if this means that despite development issues they still haven’t abandoned their ridiculous multiplayer quota yet.

With development so rickety it won’t surprising to see the release date moved back even further from early 2013. With some hope from us and hard work on Irrational’s part, Irrational’s track record will hold and Bioshock Infinite will live up to the sky high standards that are now expected. If not though I’m blaming Take Two.

(Source: Kotaku)

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