Darksiders 2 Soul Arbiter’s Maze Coordinate Guide

No flashy videos or complex instructions to bore you with. Here are the instructions for the Soul Arbiter’s Maze.

Note: Level 5 Secret Treasure gives you a chance to get Dark Demise Scythe.

Description: The “Black Demise is a weapon with a long and bloody history amongst the demon lords. Some legends claim that the unnatural rites used to create the weapon have imbued it with a limited form of sentience. Bound with unholy blazing runes of power, Black Demise seized the inner strength of every opponent and adds it to that of its wielder.” That means it steals about 10% of each enemy’s health as you fight and adds it to Death’s health bar!

Floor 1
Exit: N, W.
Secret Treasure: S, E.

Floor 2
Exit: E, S, N.
Secret Treasure: N, N.

Floor 3
Exit: W, E, N, N.
Secret Treasure: N, S, E.

Floor 4
Exit: E, W, N, S.
Secret Treasure: W, E, N.

Floor 5
Exit: W, W, N, E.
Secret Treasure: W, N, S.

Floor 6
Exit: S, E, E, N, N.
Secret Treasure: E, E, E, S.

Floor 7
Exit: S, W, E, E, E.
Secret Treasure: S, S, W, N, N.

Floor 8
Exit: N, W, N, W, E.
Secret Treasure: N, S, S, E, N.

Floor 9
Exit: E, N, E, N, S.
Secret Treasure: S, W, E, E, N.

Floor 10
Exit: W, E, N, S, W.
Secret Treasure: N, S, E, W.

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  • darkside_rise10

    very helpful thanks alot

  • rob

    I’m at level 10 and did the right steps but it won’t let me go in either secret or next level…

  • wildblast

    it worked 😀 thx for the guide

  • Smelter Demon

    Thanks for the help!

  • It worked for me…

    I think your compass is broken…