Borderlands 2 Cult of The Vault Guide

For your ease in tracking down the Cult of the Vault markers here are some of the most straight forward video guides on the Internet. I hope this guide is useful to you all.

Arid Nexus: Boneyarrd

Bloodshot Ramparts

Bloodshot Stronghold

Caustic Caverns

End of the Line

Eridium Blight

Fink’s Slaughter House

Friendship Gulag

Frostburn Canyon

Hero’s Pass

Holy Spirits


Natural Selection Annex

Yeah I know the video is off screen but it was this one or nothing at this point. Later I’m hoping to find a higher quality video.


Ore Chasm


Alternatively for the Fifth and most difficult if you head to Marcus’s Guns to the left of the entrance you will see a bench next to an awning. Standing on the bench press yourself up against the awning and keep jumping until you get on top of the awning. From there you can climb straight over to a pile of garbage with a mattress. Climb on top of the mattress and jump onto the roof and simply drop down into the area with the Cult of the Vault Symbol.
(My brother discovered this alternative way up to get onto the garage)

Sanctuary Hole

Sawtooth Cauldron

South Paw: Steam and Power

Southern Shelf

Souther Shelf: Bay

Short Version

Terramorpous Peak

The Bunker

The Dust

The Fringe

The Highlands

Thousand Cuts

Three Horns: Divide

Three Horns: Valley

Tundra Express

Vault of the Warrior

Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

Windshear Waste

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