Use of Battlefield 3 Graphics Mods Will Get You Banned

It is no secret that Electronic Arts treats their fans the same way a third world dictator treats their citizens…poorly. The ban happy publisher uses bans like they are going out of style and the latest reason you could get banned is for using a Graphic Mod on Battlefield 3.

Yes Electronic Arts is not only banning people for a legitimate Graphic Mod but also calling them a “proper cheat”. I’m not referring to X-Ray or another advantageous graphic mod but mods (like above video) that simply changes the appearance of certain levels.

Dice Developer Gustav Holling when asked on Twitter about the bans had this to say:

“I wouldn’t use those hacks if you don’t want a perm ban on your account.”

Naturally, someone did ask how they would even know if someone was using these mods. His reply confirms Origins Spying potential.

“It’s a surprise for the cheaters modifying game files.”

While Valve, through Steam, is busy supporting the modding Community and related Indi Community, Electronic Arts has continues a longstanding trend of abusing its customers. Banning for tweaking graphics is simply petty, spying on gamers despicable. Yet the next time when one of Electronic Arts’s games doesn’t sell they will turn around and blame Piracy or the Market moving on to Mobile Games.


As for the mod in question I think it looks sick and would happily use it any day.



Some have claimed that Origin isn’t Spyware. Here are some links to counter that point.

EA Says Origin Isn’t Spyware, Although It Does Scan Your Entire PC

EA’s Origin Service Is Basically Spyware, According to Origin’s EULA

EA’s Origin Sends Personal Data to Third Parties

That is the little surprise Mr. Holling was talking about.

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  • Awox

    It was a sad day for gaming when you idiots kept buying this shit. Of course they are going to treat the gaming community without respect, it doesn’t deserve any.

  • Phasmatis75

    Agreed. I skipped on Battlefield 3 myself.