Shinji Mikami Reveals New Survival Horror

Who is Shinji Mikami? Only the creator of the Resident Evil Series and a legendary game director who has worked on many hits like Resident Evil series (before 5), Vanquish, God Hand, Shadows of the Damned, Killer 7 among other hit titles. After finishing his work on Vanquish in 2010 he created his own studio Tango Gameworks and they began work on a dark and mysterious project.

That project has now been revealed to be a new survival horror game, Code named Zwei. Little is known about this little gem but Zenimax owns Tango Gameworks so it is likely that Bethesda will be publishing the title. The studio reported has 60 workers and will soon level up to 100.

Aside from those technical details not much is known about the upcoming title except one piece of concept art (below) that represents what the game is to feel like. If that holds true then count me in.

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