Is the Next Skyrim DLC Titled: Hearth Fire?

Breaking Skyrim news, Zenimax has filed another trademark. This time the trademark is for the term: Hearth Fire. Last time when Zenimax trademarked the term Dawnguard it turned out to be the title of the first DLC, leading to the speculation that Hearth Fire could be the title of the second expansion pack for Skyrim.

Hearth Fire in the Elder Scrolls universe is the 9th month of the year and a conjuration skill book. Interestingly in the book is the mention of the Potentate Versidue-Shaie one of the Tsaesci, the golden snake vampire race from Akivari.The main source of food for the Tsaesci since they ate or assimilated all humans and dragons (Lore) are goblins. Goblins were shown off in the Gamejam trailer whose many features seem to be working their way into Skyrim, making it possible that goblins are a foreshadowing of Tsaesci appearance as one could easily lead to the other. Those this is just speculation on my part.

If this is the next DLC could players for the first time meet a Tsaesci or will it involve something completely different? Perhaps we will learn more at E3 soon.


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  • i play elder scrolls

    ¬†Actually bethseda is bringing goblins back because one of there designers made the mod as part of there designer mod week, and because a few hundred fans commented on the want for the return of goblin tribe. Though i do¬† hope they add tsaesci, and i hope they look something like naga’s. The ability to constrict humanoid enemies to death, would make companion tsaesci badass.