Pikmin 3 E3 Trailer

Wow Pikmin takes me back, hold on flashbacking… … … and back. Good times. Anyhow I somehow missed the Pikmin 3 E3 trailer but thankfully caught it while looking for gaming news.

Pikmin 3 finally returns us to the Pikmin’s signature gameplay and colorful environments.While adding entirely new features that complement existing mechanics that long-term fans have known and love. The ability to split up and control multiple characters, each with their own group of pikmin was the most greatest of these new mechanics I noticed. This feature will probably come with a larger population cap to the pikmin that will be at our disposal thanks to vastly superior hardware Pikmin 3 is releasing on over the Gamecube.

Obviously this is going to be a must have title for the Wii U when it launches.

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