Skyrim: Dawnguard E3 Previews

Presenting some sweet first looks into Dawnguard, the first expansion for Skyrim. Of course we all knew about the Vampire Lords and Vampire Hunter factions along with their respective castles and as I pointed out Soul Cairn is the Oblivion Realm we will be traveling to.

Today though we get our first look into Vampire and Werewolve Perk trees. The Vampire Lord Perk tree takes center stage for the expansion, werewolf’s tree won’t be shunned. Offering new perks to help with late game balancing, and to make playing as a werewolf more fun for those that like playing as a werewolf.

Another big reveal is the quite bad ass looking horse we will be able to summon for completing some side quest in Soul Cairn.

A potential release date of June 26th, if the Beta goes well has finally been announced so cross your fingers for the beta to go extremely well.

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