Skyrim: Dawnguard Perk Trees and Achievements Revealed

While surfing the internet today I came across quite an interesting and exciting discovery; the Perk trees and Achievements for Dawnguard. The achievements for Dawnguard are what you would expect, complete the main quests, kill something new, and complete a shout. No new revelations aside from a special bow were revealed but the Perk Trees for the two beast transformations are quite another story.

Both offer amazing new abilities that are sure to spice up being a werewolf and vampire. Even making playing as a vampire seem like an attractive option (for me anyway).

Dawnguard Achievements

A New You (20 points):
Change Your Face

Awakening (20 points):
Complete “Awakening”

Beyond Death (20 points):
Complete “Beyond Death”

Kindred Judgement (40 points):
Complete “Kindred Judgment”

Lost To The Ages (30 points):
Complete “Lost To The Ages”

Soul Tear (20 points):
Learn All Three Words Of Soul Tear

Auriel’s Bow (20 points):
Use The Special Power Of Auriel’s Bow

Werewolf Mastered (20 points):
Acquire 11 Werewolf Perks

Vampire Mastered (20 points):
Acquire 11 Vampire Perks

Legend (40 points):
Defeat A Legendary Dragon


Vampire Lord Perks

To gain new Vampire perks, consume the blood of a enemies while transformed with either a bite power or a drain life spell. This applies to any level.

Power of the Grave


  • Requirement: N/A
  • 50 point bonusto health, magicka and stamina as a Vampire Lord.
  • Detect All Creatures

  • Requirement: Power of the Grave
  • No Description
  • Mist Form

  • Requirement: Detect All Creatures
  • Turn yourself into an invulnerable cloudof mist while regenerating your health, magicka, and stamina.
  • Supernatural Reflexes

  • Requirement: Mist Form
  • You move quicker, while enemies move slower.
  • Blood Healing

  • Requirement: Power of the Grave
  • Killing a person with a power attack bite restores all your health.
  • Unearthly Will

  • Requirement: Power of the Grave
  • Night powers and Blood Magic cost 33% less.
  • Poison Talons

  • Requirement: Unearthly Will/Blood Healing
  • Melee attacks deal 20 points of poison damage.
  • Night Cloak

  • Requirement: Poison Talons
  • A shroud of bats feed on enemies within melee range.
  • Vampiric Grip

  • Requirement: Power of the Grave
  • Blood Magic: Can pull a creature to you from a distance, and do choking damage once it’s close.
  • Summon Gargoyle

  • Requirement: Vampiric Grip
  • Summons a Gargoyle.
  • Corpse Curse

  • Requirement: Summon Gargoyle
  • Paralyze your foes with this magical blast.


    Werewolf Perks

    To gain new Werewolf perks, consume the heart of a defeated enemy while transformed. This applies to any level.

    Bestial Strength

    • Requirement: N/A
    • Level 1: Do 25% more damage as a werewolf.
    • Level 2: No Description
    • Level 3: No Description
    • Level 4: No Description

    Totem of Ice Brothers

    • Requirement: Bestial Strength
    • No Description

    Totem of the Predator

    • Requirement: Bestial Strength
    • No Description

    Totem of Terror

    • Requirement: Bestial Strength
    • Werewolf Howl of Terror affects even higher level creatures.

    Totem of the Moon

    • Requirement: Totem of Ice Brothers
    • Summon an ally werewolf with a howl.

    Animal Vigor

    • Requirement: Bestial Strength
    • 100 point bonusto health and stamina in beast form.


    • Requirement: Animal Vigor
    • Feeding heals twice as much health.

    Savage Feeding

    • Requirement: Gorging
    • No Description

    Source: GameFront

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    • Jusalexbro

      How are you going to master 11 werewolf perks when there are only 8?

    • Whoreisland0

      4 levels of Bestial Strength…derrr….

    • Frank Bortone

      I assume that’s counting the multiple levels of “Bestial Strength”.

    • Thefonz786

      These images are not actually from GameFront – They got them directly from the Elder Scrolls wikia and never bothered to post the original source:

      Games “journalism” these days…

    • Jusalexbro

      Way to keep these replies mature, douche.

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    • Phasmatis75

       From what I’ve heard they’ve been floating around there for a few days and I just credited who I got them from. I did in fact check the wiki to see if it had any information to fill in the holes in the perk trees.

    • Rilumai

       Same goes to you now, doesn’t it?

    • Nickycc

      The bestial strength has 4 parts